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Some of the faces behind the UsinWeb3 Community.

Anna Graf

Innovation Lead Web3 at Arvato Systems | Bertelsmann, Member of the Board at Hanseatic Blockchain Institute - connect, create, innovate - sustainable solutions for web3 and the metaverse.

Julius Meltzer

Julius is a Senior Venture Developer in Web3 for Riverty.

Manuel Müller

Digitization of Shares, Bonds, Funds etc. | Digital Assets | Investor Relations | Venture Capital | Business Development | Advisory | Alternative Financing Models | Tokenization of Assets | ITO - STO

Magnus Jones

Magnus is the Nordic Blockchain & Innovation Lead at EY. He has several roles as a board member & advisor within Web3 and Metaverse, among others to the Counter-Terrorism Crypto Group of United Nations.

Stefan Becker

Stefan, aka. Crypto Shorts. Buidl and Scaling biz in Digital Assets. Passionate about networking and helping others becoming successful. Talking/ writing about various topics in tech and personal development.

Patrick Sibetz

Community Manager for the Algorand Foundation. Won't stop pushing for a more technological advanced society. All eyes on education, onboarding and business development in blockchain and web3 space.

Sven Hermann

Founder of Lime DAO and avid web3 enthusiast with a focus of future of work and decentralized due dilligence. "Remote work allows us to work wherever we want, and DAOs will enable us to work on whatever we want."

Sander Andersen

Founder of Finpeers. An experienced tech entrepreneur with deep knowledge of how to build fully digitalized business models.

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Below is the agenda for the week of January 15th - 21st (Subject to changes)

NFT Drop

A unique NFT Collection featuring 99 Snowboarders to align with the theme of the first ever Crypto-Villa during the World Economic Forum Week in Davos 2023.

Or buy with your Credit Card

Drop Details

NFT Contract: Etherscan
Drop Start: 01-01-2023 00:01am MST
Royalty: 0%
Price after Jan 13th: 0.05Eth

The Art Work

The artwork for these NFTs was generated by asking Chat GPT to generate prompts that could be fed into DALL·E OpenAI to generate individual art pieces. The original question asked to Chat GPT was: Create a list of prompts that can be fed into DALL·E·2 to generate abstract NFT art of a snowboarder in different art styles. Even though you won't know which one you'll get, we anted to tickle your fancy by showing you the whole collection in small.


Who are you?We are a group of people who believe that there is a need for a community that participates in events on a global stage. With our UsinWeb3 Hub ever in Davos 2023, we are creating the first experiment towards this goal. We all are contributing our own personal time to this mission and hope to structure a successful POC (proof of concept) through this experiment that can be turned into something bigger in the future.
What is this NFT?The UsinWeb3 Collection is a NFT that we generated by using AI to showcase the ease of use of two AI systems together to create something that is visually appealing and acts as a piece of digital media to showcase your support of, and believe in the UsinWeb3 community.
Why are you selling NFTs?As you can imagine hosting a event in Davos during the WEF is not cheap. We are all individuals who have found each other through this common goal, and we have thought about many ways to fund this experiment. One of our core desires is to put community at the center of Usinweb3 from Day one, which is why we decided to use a web3 native process of including individuals who share our vision in this process. This also gave us the ability to attach a fund raising element through the sale of the NFTs. So in short. We are selling NFTs to execute the Davos UsinWeb3 experiment.
What will the money be used for?The primary use for the funds raised from this drop is to finance the cost of the experiment UsinWeb3 Hub in Davos, with a majority of the funds going towards a venue in Davos-Klosters, to host the UsinWeb3 community and create content for the UsinWeb3 Hub experiment. If the amount raised through the NFT drop exceeds the expenses, we will keep the remainder in a Gnosis Safe that is controlled by multiple people in the community with the goal of establishing a DAO in the future.
Transparency is extremely important to us, and we vow to our supporters to provide complete insight into all transactions.
Why should you contribute?If you believe in the concept of UsinWeb3 and want to support the team in their pursuit to find a model which could potentially be turned into a larger, community driven DAO
If you like the fact that these NFTs are created by two AIs (ChatGPT and Dall-E-2).
If you want access to potential future perks that MIGHT drop (these could involve meeting the team, getting swag, getting access to other communities such as our partners at Algorand) "
Why should you not contribute?If you think this NFT is a speculative asset
If you have expectations beyond what is explicitly stated in this FAQ
If you disagree with our community values
What can you expect in the future?In short, you should not expect anything. However, if you are supporting our vision, we can promise you that you will always be the first in line to get access to what this community is doing, the perks they issue and more. You know already that we believe in radical transparency and do not want to over promise. We will forever be grateful for your believe in our vision, but want you to understand that there may never be a return. After all, this is a utility token NOT an investment.
Can you explain the perk more?Of course. The perk is all thought of as incentive for you, the believers in this community. First and foremost we hope that you consider contributing through the purchase of a NFT because you believe in the vision behind UsinWeb3. For this trust in our vision we want to give something to you.
DAO Access - As you know, we are all about building a community of likeminded people who see value in our vision. By assigning an ""Early Access"" perk to these NFTs you will automatically get access to the Usinweb3 DAO if this experiment is successful, and we start a DAO. To be 100% transparent, this is not ensured, and is pending the successful execution of the first experiment and the development of a sustainable model to host future events and financially support a DAO. The goal is to be self sustaining, and not to make a profit.
What does "Future DAO access" mean?Like mentioned in the perk section. We believe that it might make sense to turn UsinWeb3 into a DAO in the future. This is our goal, but requires many things to go right. IF we launch a DAO, then this NFT will enable you to join as a DAO member. It will not be used as a governance token, but merely as a access control instrument.
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